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"Baby's First Year"

A free Portrait gift for parents

Sample 3 portrait panel

Baby Portrait collage with three photos, three months, six months, and one year old

So, What's the deal?

We have a special gift for parents of newborns. And, it's absolutely FREE! Let us photograph your child when he or she is 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months of age. We will then assemble your favorite pictures, from each session, in a 3 portrait mat, ready for framing.

Imagine how much you’ll enjoy a collection of portraits recording your new Baby’s exciting first year, all assembled in a handsome frameable mat.

Select from a generous selection of poses from each session.

To take advantage of this offer call our studio right away. We’ll set up an appointment soon for your baby’s 3 month portrait. Of course, it’s absolutely free.

Is this really FREE?

Yes. We know that when you see the high quality of the photography we create for you and how easy we make it to photograph your baby, you’ll share your experience with people you know.

Our best advertising is word of mouth advertising. Over the years we have learned that our investment in a free gift for parents will bring us more customers.

How do we arrange to have our baby photographed?

Just call us for an appointment. We’ll set up a comfortable time for your portrait session and answer any questions you have.

What should our baby wear for the portrait session?

I like to reflect the freshness and innocence of babies in their portraits. I feel that white or ivory colors help tell that story.

When the child becomes older, then we can add props and stronger color in clothing. But for now, think simple and fresh for baby portrait outfits. Light pastels, or simple soft colors, with no design or very fine design will work, if you can’t find white.

Show your child’s bare arms and legs. Those little baby fat arms and dimpled elbows are beautiful. Short sleeves will allow us to see that. For the three month portrait, a christening gown can look nice. A short sleeved shirt, or even a white onesie will look fine. You can even have your baby wear just a diaper.

Try to avoid long sleeved tops, as they hide those beautiful bare arms. For the six month and 1 year portraits, I’ll still recommend white. But, for boys, khaki or denim shorts with a white t-shirt is still simple. Those little dresses for the little girls look sweet. But, be sure the dresses are a little on the small side rather than on the large size. Why? If the dress is too big and baggy it hides those chubby little legs, ankles, and feet. The shorter the dress the better. You can’t be sure of finding a white dress, so white with small color accents, or pastel colors can also look fresh. Most of the time, I’ll recommend bare feet. So, don’t fuss about shoes for the 3 month and 6 month portraits. Bring along keepsakes if you wish. A baby rattle, or an afghan made by grandma, or other keepsake can bring a personal touch to a portrait.

Why do we select those ages for a portrait?

A three month old will still look like a brand new baby, but is old enough to communicate with the photographer and give rich expressions. Babies generally sit up when they are six months old. And babies stand when they are a year old. These three ages reflect the exciting great changes that occur in baby’s first year.

Can I change my baby's outfit at the studio?

We work by appointment. There will always be time to change your baby's outfit. You will also have time and private space to feed your baby if he or she is hungry. We also carry a supply of freshly laundered cloth diapers for urps and burps. We also keep an emergency cache of disposable diapers. If you can't find an appropriate outfit, we may have one that will look good for your baby's portrait.

This is really free?

Yes, really!

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